10 tons foundry workshop sand box load turning device

10 ton casting load turning, sandbox load turning device, chain turning machine.
The structure of the box turning machine is composed of a frame, a turning mechanism and a turning frame. After the sand box enters the turn frame along the roller path on the turn frame, the positioning mechanism (positioning oil cylinder or other positioning mechanism) .moves to fix the sand box and the turning frame. The sand box is opened. Most of the turning mechanisms are driven by air cylinders or hydraulic cylinders and rack-and-pinion mechanisms. In order to ensure the smooth turning, two ends of the cylinder or the oil cylinder are equipped with damping cylinders to adjust the turning speed. Sandbox overturning must consider the positioning of the sandbox and the overturning frame. Current overturning machines use positioning methods such as hydraulic oil cylinder positioning and spring mechanism positioning. However, the positioning of extra-large sandboxes has certain strength and stiffness requirements for the positioning mechanism, which brings certain difficulties to manufacturing and operation.