180°Turning machine function

The 180° turning machine is mainly used for the occasions where the plate-shaped stacks are automatically turned 180° during the production process. It has the characteristics of stable operation, high efficiency, low noise, and low energy consumption. It is a necessary auxiliary equipment for the automatic stamping production line, which can not only reduce the surface scratches of the sheet metal and improve the product quality, but also reduce the labor intensity of the operators and improve the production efficiency.
Product Features:
The mechanical turnover system does not appear to be reversed.
With pressure holding device, it can stop at any position.
After 90-degree inversion, limit switch and mechanical multiple limit protection device.
With over-current protection device, the turning machine will automatically cut off the power and stop protection if the turning machine exceeds the turning weight, so that the motor will not be damaged.
Equipped with French Schneider air switch, including overcurrent, overload, short circuit and phase loss protection functions. The interchange of three-phase lines will not affect the protection function of the limit protection device.
Equipped with a red alarm device, which can produce sound and light alarms when working abnormally.
Frequency conversion control, multi-speed operation.
Power off, parking brake self-locking function, the mold remains stable and will not move.
The outer circle is processed by vertical turning to ensure the smooth operation of the machine.
Robust and sturdy body design, durable. Reasonable and ingenious mechatronics combination
Simple operation and durable
Safe, stable and fast