180°load steering device that reduces the labor intensity of the operator and improves the production efficiency

Introduction of 180° load turning device:
The sheet 180° load turning device is a special equipment for the production of the automotive industry, heavy industry enterprises, flat glass, household plates, etc. It is used for the turning of large thin plate stacks. It is an auxiliary equipment necessary for the automatic production line of the plate, which can not only reduce the scratches on the surface of the sheet, Improve product quality, at the same time reduce the labor intensity of operators and improve production efficiency.
When loading, the worker first puts the sheet on the front-end assembly line, flows the sheet to the conveyor conveyor line through the power assembly line, and a stroke switch detects the length of the product.
Automatic plate turning machine, flat plate 180° automatic load turning device, plate load turning factory direct sales, plate load turning, it includes a frame and a turning frame, a turning motor is arranged on the frame, a conveying motor and a load turning are arranged on the turning frame The supporting frame and the lower supporting frame are respectively provided with a row of roller lines on the opposite end surfaces of the upper supporting frame and the lower supporting frame. The conveying motor is respectively connected to the upper roller and the lower roller through a transmission mechanism. The lower supporting frame is provided with a pressing plate for pressing the plate Tightening device, the whole process of the board from feeding, turning to discharging is automatically completed by the board load turning device. It has a high degree of automation and is easy to use. It can also turn over the larger and heavier boards. It is suitable for slate, wooden board, metal plate, The turning operation of plastic plates and other plates is widely used.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.