3 ton chain type turning machine

The chain flipping machine is an industrial flipping equipment, which uses a chain to drive the flipping machine to turn it over. The flipping machine we produce is used with driving, it can automatically flip the machine 180 degrees or 360 degrees, and the intermediate spacing can be adjusted.
Design features of chain turning machine: adjustable opening, can adapt to workpieces of different lengths; even turning speed, effective protection of workpieces; high turning efficiency, reduce labor intensity, protect the safety of operators; easy operation and maintenance, can be attached to the workshop The truck works without occupying a fixed working area.
Scope of application: This kind of box turning machine is used for turning and closing sand boxes in foundry workshops, inclined spraying of flow-coating sand boxes, turning over molds and tooling in mold workshops, turning over large and heavy workpieces in machining, etc. The series exceeding the following parameters can be customized. The 3-ton turning machine is an indispensable turning machine mechanism for workshop production!
The work of the turning machine is controlled by the hydraulic and electrical control system. Since the working mode of the turning machine is bidirectional, the direction of the force of the turning bracket on the hydraulic cylinder is changed. Since the h value is a variable, the force on the hydraulic cylinder also changes. In addition, the size range of the cylindrical parts turned by the turning machine is large, and the weight of the parts is not fixed. These variables will cause the pressure fluctuation of the hydraulic system.