5T European Single beam wire rope electric hoist

5T European Single beam wire rope electric hoist
Pole-changing two-speed upgrade three-in-one, high reliability, small size
  ◆ High energy efficiency motor with hard toothed surface reducer to achieve low energy consumption and high torque output;
  ◆ High-precision automatic adjustment of electromagnetic brake to achieve fast, low noise and reliable braking;
  ◆ High-strength, high-flexibility steel wire rope for greater and safer tension;
  ◆ High-strength nylon rope guide and pulley, self-lubricating for longer life of wire rope;
  ◆ High-strength alloy wheel set for longer wheel life;
  ◆ Modular design for flexible combination;
  ◆ The maximum lifting capacity of single beam can reach 20t, and the maximum lifting capacity of double beam can reach 63t.
Application range
Lifting and handling occasions such as machining, steel production, material distribution.