90°-360°load turning device made in China

90° ,180° and 360° load turning device
When processing, assembling and heat-treating large workpieces, maintaining large molds, port steel coil handling and loading and unloading, if the original manual method is used for overturning, there may be unexpected dangers, resulting in damage to the workpieces; endangering the personal safety of operators; and damage to lifting equipment.
90° load turning device,180° load turning device,360° load turning device are mainly used for turning of large workpieces for processing, assembly and heat treatment;
The turning of large molds is convenient for the safe opening, closing and hoisting of molds. It is suitable for the maintenance and research of molds in mold factories and injection molding factories;
The turning of port steel coils reduces the impact of steel coils, avoids the damage of steel coils, and reduces the labor intensity of operators.