9m chain turning device in foundry workshop

9m chain turning device in foundry workshop:
1. Mold turning machine has compact structure and small volume.
2. The mold turning machine is very convenient for loading and unloading work, maintaining equipment, and lifting goods.
3. The mold turning machine is durable and has a long service life.
4. The mold turning machine is small and exquisite in appearance and fine in workmanship.
5. The mold turning machine is easy to maintain and easy to operate.
6. The transmission structure of the mold turning machine is unique, safe and reliable.
7. The mold turning machine is light in weight and low in noise.
8. The mould turning machine is safe, reliable and easy to operate.
Mold turning machine application
Mold turning machine is a popular lifting equipment in modern industry, mainly used for turning over goods in factories, warehouses, industrial and mining enterprises, mold manufacturing, foundries, automobile manufacturing, electric power, construction sites, docks, warehouses, etc. It is a new type of lifting tool in modern industry. It has the unparalleled superiority of other lifting tools.