A cost-effective material handling equipment-stainless steel Jib crane

Stainless steel Jib cranes are light lifting equipment installed on supporting concrete walls, columns or other load-bearing parts. It is a cost-effective lifting tool. In many warehouses or factories where lifting equipment cannot be installed, jib cranes have become more Good material handling equipment. It is an energy-efficient and high-quality lifting equipment.
Features of stainless steel jib crane
Stainless steel jib cranes have reasonable structure, unique design, light weight, flexible movement, frequent operations, simple installation, flexible and convenient operation, high work efficiency, safety and reliability, suitable for short-distance lifting operations, suitable for lifting light objects, economical and durable, Time-saving, labor-saving, worry-saving, and widely used.
Stainless steel jib crane use
Stainless steel jib cranes can be used in workshop production lines, assembly lines and upper and lower workpieces of machine tools, automobile manufacturing, electric power, parts assembly, railways, factories and mines, machinery manufacturing, storage, steel, petroleum, chemical, construction, plastic machinery and other places.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.