A load turning device that uses suspension steering technology to automatically rotate the workpiece 360°

The frame load turning device of the automobile production line is applied to the turning of the automobile chassis in the automobile production workshop.
The frame load turning device produced by us adopts the suspension turning technology to lift the automobile chassis to a certain height and automatically turn the workpiece 360° automatically
The car frame turning device is easy to lift, safe and labor-saving! Using remote control, the operator can move away from the flipped object, and it can be flipped up and down easily. It has a moving function. Without moving large workpieces, the device can be moved to the site of the suspended flipping object and can be flipped!

 90-360° load turning device can be used in various working environments in multiple industries to achieve various applications.
It may be that after assembling the product, you need to place the product in a specific way to protect the product during transportation, or find the steering device useful during the production process because it allows you to place the goods upside down on the workstation, so Employees can easily operate. Go to the bottom.
No matter what your requirements are, our load steering devices are a durable, rugged and flexible solution designed to make your workflow flow as smoothly as possible.
The load steering device is designed and manufactured to rotate the component being manufactured to position it for various operations. The structural design was optimized using stress analysis software.

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