A wide range of polyurethane coated-rubber rollers used in various industries

There are many types of polyurethane rubber rollers, which are used in various industries and are highly resistant to abrasion, strong acid chemicals and solvents. No trace can be used to make any color. Long service life, more durable and convenient
With the development of polyurethane technology, in the application of polyurethane rubber rollers, people prefer polyurethane rubber rollers to rubber. The reasons are:
1. They have a longer service life: Although there are great differences in various industries, the average rubber roller has a service life of about 1,000 hours. At the same time, the polyurethane roller can run for about 4000 hours before it starts to show its life.
2. They reduce downtime and increase profits: Due to their durability and long life, urethane rollers can help to bottom. Since you don't have to worry about replacement often, replacement can also increase your productivity.
3. Polyurethane rollers can provide better traction: Although rubber is soft, it is difficult to grasp smoother materials such as glass or sand wood. Polyurethane, especially slotted polyurethane, is more suitable for gripping and moving these objects.
4. They are versatile: polyurethane rollers can be purchased in the hardness range of 10A to 75D.
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