A workpiece load steering device used for turning and closing the sand box in the foundry

Sand box turning device is a kind of workpiece load turner equipment, which can lift and turn the workpiece, safe and efficient! Sand box mold turning machine is a common industrial product.
Chain suspension electric load turning, design features: adjustable opening, can be adapted to different lengths of work pieces; even turning speed, effectively protecting the work piece; high turning efficiency; reducing labor intensity and protecting the safety of operators; convenient operation and maintenance. It is attached to the workshop crane for work and does not occupy a fixed working area.
Application scope: This kind of box load turning device is used for turning and closing sand boxes in foundry workshops, inclined spraying of flow-coating sand boxes, turning over molds in mold workshops, tooling turning, turning over machining large and heavy workpieces, etc. The series can be customized beyond the following parameters.
The design features of the cloth belt suspension electric load turning: it has the turning function; it can be attached to the crane work in the workshop without occupying a fixed working area.
Application Scope: This product is mainly used in the workplace where all kinds of finished workpieces with regular or irregular shapes are finished or painted.
Application range of floor-type electric load turner: Large-scale sand box floor load turner  is used for all kinds of large and heavy modeling sand box turning, cleaning and turning large castings and other occasions. It can be adjusted in the direction of length, width, and height. The adjustment range can be adjusted freely according to the size of the molding sand box and large castings. It can be rotated 360° forward and backward, and can be stopped at any position.
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