About the 60mm Mecanum wheel of China manufacturer

Mecanum wheel
This omnidirectional movement is based on the principle of a central wheel with many axles located around the wheel. These angled peripheral axles convert part of the wheel steering force to a normal force of the wheel. Depending on the direction and speed of the respective wheels, the final synthesis of these forces generates a resultant force vector in any required direction, thereby ensuring that the platform can move freely in the direction of the final resultant force vector without changing the direction of the wheel itself . There are many small rollers diagonally distributed on its rim, so the wheel can slide laterally. The busbar of the small roller is very special. When the wheel rotates around a fixed wheel spindle, the envelope of each small roller is a cylindrical surface, so the wheel can continuously roll forward. Mecanum wheels have a compact structure and flexible movement, which is a very successful all-round wheel. There are four such new wheels combined, which can be more flexible and convenient to achieve all-round movement function.