Advantages and disadvantages of load turning device

Advantages and disadvantages of load turning device:
      1. The inverted crane has the advantages of maneuverability, convenient operation, good stability, relatively low wheel pressure, high stacking layer number, and high utilization rate of the stacking plant.
       2. After lifting, the spreader can be rotated to allow for a narrow passage. The spreader can be moved to the left and right sides by 800mm, so as to improve the working power when lifting the box.
       3. For freight stations with poor site conditions, they can also operate normally. From this point of view, the container turning machine has a very strong working ability and can be used to improve the working power.
       4. The most important elements of the container turning machine operation:
       5. In the case of a container turning machine, oil is the source of its operating power.
       6. In the course of its use, it will inevitably encounter "hunger".
       7. The lack of oil supply to the hydraulic pump of the turning machine is:
       8. The motor speed is not good; the oil filter filter is clogged; the oil quantity in the fuel tank is lacking or the oil suction pipe diameter is too small, resulting in difficulty in oil absorption; the seal is not strict, no leakage, air intrusion into the interior; oil viscosity is too large; hydraulic pump axial and diameter The gap is too large and the internal leak is increased.
       9 If you find out the factors that cause the lack of oil, you can make a response plan in the first place.