Advantages of DRS wheelset with good starting and braking performance

DRS wheel set advantages:
Simple installation and maintenance, convenient connection with structure.
The wheels are made of ductile cast iron, with various diameters, excellent performance and strong carrying capacity.
Good starting and braking performance without hurting the track.
The laser calibration system eliminates various installation errors during the installation of the wheel box.
The tread of the walking wheel can be specially hardened to meet the requirements of high speed.
The wheel box case is sturdy and durable, which effectively protects the running wheels and bearing arrangements.
Technical innovations, such as Demag's patented torsion-resistant brackets, bearing arrangements, cabinet design, etc.
DRS wheel system:
This versatile system provides the best performance ratio for the maximum load capacity (2.75 to 40t) of the compact size. Finely graded dimensions (DRS125 to DRS500) ensure that the correct unit is selected for the respective application.
In addition to the various cruise ships in the standard series, special designs are available to meet different customer requirements. The housing is fully machined and can be connected to almost any customer design. Demag's modular systems of offset and angular geared motors are available as individual or central drive units.
Reliable mass-produced components for travel units with wheel loads up to 100 tons.
The wheel and wheel system is designed and manufactured as a modular solution for many applications.
DRS track systems are used in countless mobile devices and systems as a single component or as a complete driving unit. They have proven their high reliability and long service life and require very little maintenance. Simple installation and alignment, the right size and a variety of connection options make our wheel systems particularly cost-effective.