Amusement equipment polyurethane coated wheels origin China

Commonly found in amusement parks and theme parks. Although the roller coaster is thrilling, it is basically a very safe facility and is loved by many young tourists. The roller coaster structure includes climbing, sliding, and reversing (the children’s roller coaster does not reverse). The design of the track is not necessarily a complete loop, but it can also be designed to move back and forth on the track. The roller coaster is a stimulating entertainment tool. The movement of the roller coaster contains many physics principles. People use these principles ingeniously when designing the roller coaster.
Roller coaster friction wheels push the train forward, and dozens of rotating wheels push the train and make it climb up the hillside. These wheels are arranged in two adjacent rows along the track. They jam the bottom (or top) of the train in the middle and push the train forward. It is often used when turning on a climbing slope (because the chain cannot turn laterally on a horizontal surface) or adjusting the speed of the train before the chain hoist so that it can be equal to the speed of the chain. Polyurethane coated wheels are widely used in roller coaster friction wheels. Polyurethane rubber wheels are made of liquid polyurethane rubber through a casting method. Compared with ordinary rubber wheels, they have higher mechanical strength (2- 3 times), wear resistance is 5-10 times that of natural rubber), outstanding compression resistance, wide range of hardness (and high elasticity under high hardness), high surface finish, superior machining performance, and metal bonding Its performance is much higher than that of ordinary rubber.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.