Analysis and Solution of Torsion of Column Suspended Jib Crane

Analysis and solution of torsion of suspension jib crane
When the suspended crane starts and runs without obvious torsion and swing, and when it stops with obvious torsion and swing, it should be observed that the driving wheel on the swing side rotates under torsion and swing. This can be determined by both sides Caused by inconsistent braking. When starting, the motor starts synchronously without kinking. If the drive wheel does not twist, it is not a braking problem, but is caused by the suspension on the side of the drive wheel.
   There are two situations in which the suspension crane starts and stops: one side of the motor is damaged, and the brake fails; one side of the end beam driving wheel has too little friction or is suspended. If the motor is damaged and the brake fails, replace or repair the motor and adjust the brake. There are two situations for the torsion start and stop caused by the suspension of the driving wheel: one is the unevenness of the lower flange of the I-beam caused by the installation, so that the tread of the I-beam track and the driving wheel of the end beam cannot effectively contact; If the deviation causes the inner span to be too large, the side of the drive wheel is only the running side of the drive wheel, which will also cause no contact between the drive wheel and the I-steel track tread beam. In either case, when starting, the driving wheel cannot be in contact with the surface of the I-steel rail, and the driving wheel can rotate but cannot travel effectively, which results in hysteresis. When the opponent walks a distance, the slippery side is driven away.
When parking, although the driving wheel on the sliding side has stopped rotating, the brake driving wheel has poor contact with the I-steel rail surface, and the friction is insufficient. If it continues to move forward under the action of inertia, it will still twist. Therefore, the key problem to solve the torsional vibration is to make the driving wheel and the I-steel rail tread effectively contact.
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