Application of bending stiffeners in offshore operations

Due to the increase in global demand for fossil fuels, the bend stiffener market is expected to expand in the near future. However, compared with land operations, offshore operations are more costly and riskier. Therefore, offshore operations focus on safety and cost-effectiveness. The market for flexural stiffeners is expanding because of its various characteristics, such as increased stiffness, limiting bending stress and bending. It can also prevent damage to the structure due to excessive bending and reduce structural fatigue. The split design allows the installation of the restrictor after the pipeline is terminated, which is easy to install onshore and offshore, reducing the weight in the water, reducing the pipeline load, and increasing durability.
It is made of polyurethane and has a conical design that helps increase the local stiffness of the riser, umbilical cable and outlet pipe to limit curvature and bending stress to acceptable levels. They are used to protect flexible pipes from excessive bending at the terminal point.
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