Application of polyurethane load-bearing wheels in plane mobile parking equipment

The polyurethane load-bearing wheels of plane mobile equipment mainly include the following: trolley running wheels, carriage guide wheels, carrier running wheels, carrier guide wheels. Next, the editor will briefly analyze the specifications, load capacity, and wheel hardness of the above several types of wheels.
    1. Trolley walking wheel The trolley is responsible for the transmission and movement of the leveling vehicle. In addition to being able to carry and control the weight of the vehicle, the weight of the trolley itself is also heavier. Usually the load of the four walking wheels is about 3-4t. The load-bearing capacity of the wheel is required to be higher. Correspondingly, the design size of the traveling wheel of the trolley is larger, the diameter is about 200mm-250mm, and the height of the wheel is about 80mm-120mm. The single-wheel parts of this specification carry about 2t-3.5t.
    2. Trolley guide wheel Compared with the traveling wheels, the bearing requirements (axial force) of the guide wheels are smaller, and they have cushioning properties between the car body and the track. Therefore, the wheel components are required to have better resistance to extrusion and tearing. Polyurethane itself is a good elastomer, and has good performance in cushioning pressure. The design size of the guide wheel is generally smaller than the walking wheel, the wheel diameter is about 150mm-200mm, and the wheel height is about 40mm-60mm. The single wheel of this specification can withstand the instantaneous pressure impact of about 1.5t-2.5t.
    3. transporter walking wheel The planar mobile device has the characteristics of intelligence, flexibility and convenience. Among them, the important manifestation of flexibility is the ability to quickly move and approach the vehicle through the mobile device, and the walking guarantee of the mobile device is its walking wheel. The design size of the movable wheel of the loader generally tends to be a "wide wheel" design, that is, the wheel height is higher, which can greatly improve the carrying capacity of a single wheel. Generally speaking, the diameter of the moving wheels of the loader is about 150mm-180mm, and the height of the wheels is about 60mm-100mm. The bearing pressure of the single wheel is about 2.5t.
    4. carrier guide wheel Along with the wheel of the trolley, the small guide wheel of the carrier also plays the role of buffer protection, and it is necessary to reduce the impact force of the equipment and the track when the equipment is used. The diameter of the guide wheel of the carrier is about 100mm-120mm, and the height of the wheel is about 40mm-50mm. The single wheel of this specification can withstand a load pressure of about 450kg-85kg.
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