Application scope and classification of end beam

The end beam is a complete driving unit for track travel, which can be directly connected to the main beam structure. The box beam design is adopted. The end beam we produce has good walking performance, which is especially suitable for heavy-duty occasions.
Application scope of end beam:
The end beam is used for crane crane walking, and it is one of the main supporting parts of bridge gantry cranes. From 0.5 to 100 tons of cranes, the length of the end beam is from 1.2 to 6 meters.
End beam classification:
The end beam is divided into: single beam crane end beam and double beam crane end beam.
Features of the end beam:
Special rectangular tube forming design at one time, excellent workmanship, surface shot blasted, smooth and beautiful surface;
Buffered start design, smooth starting and braking, the load will not shake and reduce harmful inertia;
Photoelectric limit switches at both ends ensure safe stop.