Application situation of submarine cable bending stiffener from China

The submarine cable bending stiffener can also become a submarine pipe bending limiter. It is an important part of the marine submarine cable polyurethane protective cover. The submarine cable bending limiter does not absorb water after being soaked in water and does not increase the force of the cable. It is resistant to sea water and Weather corrosion, hardness can reach 85D, tensile strength is greater than 45Mpa.
Overview of cable bending reinforcement
Submarine cable bending reinforcement is mainly used in the connection of submarine cable, submarine pipe and rigid equipment. The submarine cable is prone to dynamic fatigue and bending. After the bending reinforcement is installed at the rigid connection point, the bending of the submarine cable/submarine pipe can be improved. Rigidity improves the resistance to bending and fatigue, so the bending reinforcement is particularly suitable for the protection of rigid nodes of dynamic cables/pipes.
Materials used for submarine cable bending reinforcement:
Using Dow Chemical's marine special HYPERLAST series materials, it has excellent fatigue resistance and mechanical properties.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.