Automobile bridge crane turning machine manufacturer

The automobile bridge crane turning machine is one of the more common lifting equipment on the market at present, and it is widely used in many fields, mainly composed of beams, turning mechanisms, turning sling moving devices, and center of gravity adjustment devices. When turning the workpiece, the workpiece is hoisted, and the rotating wheel is driven to rotate slowly and evenly. The rotating wheel drives the hoisting belt or chain through friction or clamping groove, and the changing center of gravity of the workpiece is the center line of the turning. It is a more effective labor-saving tool.
Features of Turnover Machine
1. Low noise and low vibration;
2. Strong carrying capacity and low system pressure;
3. Stable and safe lifting and turning;
4. High loading and unloading efficiency;
5. Easy to carry;
6. Stable operation, safe and reliable;
The turning machine is a new type of special equipment for hoisting and turning. It can work around the clock, and it can greatly reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency. Kunfeng Heavy Work is a brand manufacturer of turning machines. We insist on technological innovation and are committed to In order to provide higher quality turning machines to serve the majority of users. Realize a win-win situation between supply and demand. Welcome to inquire!