Bending polyurethane and steel stoppers to fit any flexible streamline, umbilical cable

Polyurethane Bending restrictor:
Bent polyurethane and steel limiters to fit any flexible streamline, umbilical cord, cable or flying line. These bending limiters are based on the minimum bending radius, the outer diameter of the product contained, and static and dynamic loads.
These bending limiters provide excellent protection for limiting the bending radius of the product.
The steel bend limiter is designed to handle large loads and includes a simple and reliable hinge system, which can greatly reduce installation time. The polyurethane bend limiter provides similar support for smaller diameter umbilical cords, cables and flying leads.
It usually includes multiple interlocking elements that are hinged and locked together when subjected to an external load to form a smooth curved "locking" radius. Choose this radius to be equal to or greater than the minimum bend radius of the pipe to which it is applied. Once the components are locked together, the existing bending moment will be transferred to the components and returned to the adjacent rigid connection through the specially designed steel interface structure, thereby protecting the pipeline from potential destructive .
Can  be customized accroding to your needs!