Bending restrictor and stiffener market of submarine protection system

Bending restrictor and stiffener
Our series of marine buoyancy modules and products are specifically designed for shallow and terrestrial uses usually associated with marine and maritime applications, to ensure the best product for each application.
The increase in offshore drilling activities is expanding the market for bend limiters and stiffeners. Due to the increase in global demand for fossil fuels, the market for bend limiters and stiffeners is expected to expand in the near future. However, compared with land operations, offshore operations are more costly and riskier. Therefore, offshore operations focus on safety and cost-effectiveness. The market for bend limiters and stiffeners continues to expand because of its various characteristics, such as increased stiffness, limiting bending stress and bending. It can also prevent damage to the structure due to excessive bending and reduce structural fatigue. The split design allows the flow restrictor to be installed after the pipeline is terminated, which is easy to install on shore and offshore, reduces the weight in the water, reduces the pipeline load, and increases durability. This is some of the curved flow restrictors that promote the curved flow restrictor and stiffener market benefit.
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