Bending restrictor solution of submarine protection system

Bend restrictor solution:
The bending restrictor is mechanically locked to prevent excessive bending of the interface between the flexible pipeline/umbilical cord/cable and the rigid structure.
Our bend restrictor solutions are designed and manufactured in-house using the most advanced design software. The key information required for this process includes:
     Outside diameter of hose;
     Minimum bending radius;
     Service life;
     Cover length (by angle or length);
     Support structure details;
     Minimum and maximum internal temperature of flexible pipe; operation and installation;
     If the pipe is heated, the minimum and maximum thermal conductivity values of the flexible pipe;
     Minimum and maximum installation air temperature;
     Minimum and maximum sea water operating temperature;
     Installation and operating shear force;
     Installation and operating bending moment;
     If the bending moment and shear load are not considered, the pipe stiffness is flexible.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.