Bending restrictor to protect the bottom cable and umbilical cable from external stress

Technical parameters of submarine cable bending restrictor:
Common specifications ID130, ID150, ID170, ID260 are suitable for various specifications of 35KV, 110KV, 220KV submarine photoelectric composite cables;
The locking bending radius is not less than 20 times the outer diameter of the submarine cable;
The lateral compression resistance is not less than 8t;
The lateral impact is not less than 1000Nm;
Breaking bending tensile force is not less than 1t;
Bend protection tube
The marine cable bending restrictor supports cast iron material, 35kv cable bending protection, and a sealing device at the connection to protect the bottom cable and umbilical cable from external stress damage. The bending limiter is designed and manufactured by the Haval structure, which can be easily installed on the deck platform or on the construction ship. The characteristics of the bending limiter produced by Mailun: quick installation, reliable and durable materials.
The bend restrictor uses mechanical locking to prevent excessive bending at the interface between flexible streamlines/umbilical cables/submarine cables and rigid structures. This product can effectively protect submarine power cables and optical cables, and avoid external mechanical damage and damage to cables and optical cables.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.