Bioengineering clean crane

The advantages of bioengineering clean driving:
1. Fully ensure advanced design and small size;
2. Reasonable structure and simple operation;
3. The parts and components adopt modular manufacturing technology, which has strong versatility;
4. The dust-free driving height is low, and the configuration is excellent;
5. Dust-free driving adopts compact design and light weight;
6. Safe, convenient and efficient operation;
7. Convenient maintenance and long life;
8. High transmission efficiency, low noise, environmental protection and energy saving;
9. High maintenance-free rate, few wearing parts and high mechanical efficiency.
Bioengineering clean crane is a kind of lifting equipment widely used in modern industrial fields. Its use greatly improves the efficiency of material handling and makes it easier to complete engineering operations. Greatly improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. It can be widely used in bioengineering, food, chemical industry, lithium battery, laboratory, chemistry, optics, optoelectronics and other fields.