Bridge crane walking wheel box manufacturers supply

Bridge crane travel wheel box manufacturers supply, DRS walking wheel box domestic wheels. Bridge crane wheel rails and main beam deflection are two difficult problems that are often encountered in the manufacture and repair of cranes in China.
Under normal circumstances, there is a certain gap between the wheel of the crane and the wheel of the trolley and the track. The design generally defines that the wheel tread is 30-40 mm wider than the top surface of the track. During the operation of the cart or trolley, due to various reasons, the big wheel or small wheel of the crane is operated obliquely with respect to the track, and the wheel rim and the side of the track are rubbed and worn to form a rail.
Under normal circumstances, the wheels of the general light and intermediate working level cranes can be used for 10 years or even longer after the deep quenching of the power frequency. The heavy-duty and metallurgical crane wheels can be used for about 5 years after deep quenching by the power frequency. However, for some cranes with more serious rails, when the wear of the wheel rim exceeds 40% of the thickness, it must be replaced. The wheel can only be used for 1-2 years or even several months, and the processing technology can not meet the requirements. Just shorter, welcome to custom DRS walking wheel box.