Briefly describe the safety management operation of the Load Turning Device

Load turning device:
1. After the operator is certified to work, he must pay attention to safety first.
2. It is necessary to operate strictly in accordance with the safe operation rules of the hoisting machinery.
3. Start driving once before the operation, check if everything is normal, and then clean the workplace to ensure smooth operation.
4. When the operation is close to the person, promptly remind, concentrate, and observe to prevent injury.
5. When transporting the side panels, use the point to be placed in order to prevent the hard pull of the frame. When lifting the semi-finished blank, ensure a certain height. When it is absolutely safe, pass it again to avoid accidents.
6. The parking position is reserved for the load turning device. Because the space is too small to cause the two vehicles to collide, the responsibility is to be negatively driven by the semi-finished products, and the losses caused by the semi-finished operators are borne.
7. The operator is not allowed to use the vehicle when the parts of the vehicle are defective or operated, and the electrical equipment of the vehicle is installed. The maintenance shall not change the circuit at will, so as to avoid the failure of the protection device.
8. Inter-stop time, when cleaning, tightening, adjusting, lubricating and other maintenance work, the power should be cut off, warning signs or locks should be hanged. If there is any problem, the succession should be notified to the successor. Tell off work and turn off the power.
9. Do not arbitrarily hand over the equipment to others for operation, otherwise all consequences will be the responsibility of the person responsible for the shift.
10. Appropriately control the lifting speed, the landing is stable and accurate, the offender will cause the semi-finished product to shake, and the vibration will cause the crack to be compensated at the price.