Cable Protection of polyurethane bending restrictor origin China

A new type submarine cable polyurethane bending restrictor includes at least two bending limiter units, which are connected in series by interlocking head to tail. Each bending limiter unit includes a first convex ring, a neck, a transition section and a tail convex ring, and the above four parts are connected in sequence.
For deep-sea drilling operations in offshore areas of the oil and gas industry.
The bend limiter is constructed like a spine with vertebrae. It has a certain flexibility, which depends on the activity of each individual vertebra. The activity of each vertebra is locked at a specific radius limit, which is called the locked bending radius. They are designed to mechanically prevent bending beyond the allowed minimum bending radius (MBR).
Advantages of our bending restrictor:
     Can be customized according to customer requirements,
     Developed and designed by a dedicated design department.