Cantilever column Jib crane parts-maintenance method of Jib crane hook

First, the hook maintenance method of Jib crane
 1. The surface of the hook should be smooth and clean, and there should be no defects such as cracks, acute angles, thorns, and peeling.
 2. There must be no flaws such as cracks, white spots and inclusions that affect its safe use inside the hook.
 3. Defects on the hooks of crane parts are not allowed to be repaired.
 4. The dangerous section wear shall not exceed 10% of the original size.
 5. The opening degree should meet the relevant regulations.
 6. The torsional deformation of the crane accessory hook, that is, the twist angle of the hook body, must not exceed 10.
 7. The hook section of the dangerous section or hook must not be plastically deformed.
 8. The thread of the hook must not be corroded.