Car frame load turning device of Chinese manufacturer

Automobile frame load turning device are mostly used in automobile workshops, and the frame is generally composed of longitudinal beams and cross beams. There are mainly two types of side beams and middle beams. The side beam frame is composed of two longitudinal beams located on both sides and several beams. The longitudinal beams and beams are connected by a riveting method or a welding method to form a rigid rigid frame It is very inconvenient to turn over manually, Which is not conducive to the manufacture of automobiles. The turning mechanism can effectively solve various turning problems of the enterprise, solve various problems encountered in the welding process of large workpieces, avoid vertical welding and overhead welding, effectively improve production efficiency, ensure safe production, and greatly reduce the company's Rollover cost. The frame load turning device produced by us can be used with aerial cranes to move the disks and turn them over the air.