Characteristics of polyurethane coated-rubber wheel manufacturered in China

Polyurethane coated wheels have the following characteristics:
1. The appearance is bright in color, the colloid surface is fine and smooth, and the colloid material and the mandrel are firmly bonded.
2. Polyurethane rubber rollers have a wide range of hardness indicators and are suitable for various manufacturing industries: steel manufacturing, textile manufacturing, glass industry, etc.
3. Polyurethane rubber rollers have good chemical properties, especially good solvent resistance to diesel, gasoline, lubricating oil, kerosene, alcohol and saline solution.
4. Polyurethane rubber rollers have excellent physical properties. The rubber rollers will not become hard and aging after long-term use, and they have good tear resistance, resilience, and excellent wear resistance, so they have a long service life.
5. Polyurethane rubber roller has excellent hydrophilicity, so it can be used as water and alcohol dampening system rubber roller.
6. The polyurethane rubber roller has high strength and high tear resistance, so it is resistant to shear and abrasion.
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