China crane manufacturer of 360° jib crane

 360 degree jib crane of China manufacturer, 360° jib crane is mainly composed of column, swivel arm, spiral arm device and electric hoist. The lower base of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation fixed by anchor bolts. The cantilever can be easily rotated manually. The electric hoist is in The cantilever KBK track or the I-beam is used for round-trip operation. This product belongs to the intermediate working system. The rated working capacity is 125kg, 250kg and 500kg. Users can choose different types of lifting equipment according to the needs of the job. The machine has two modes of operation, namely electric turning and manual turning. The rotation angle of the rotating arm can be selected from 180°, 270°, 360° angles according to the place of use, and the adaptability is strong. The use of mobile cantilever cranes greatly saves the investment of professional cantilever cranes, while reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving work efficiency!