Classification Of Cranes For A Cleanroom

A cleanroom is supposed to be a space that is free from even the tiniest of particles. It is designed to be a space where there are no contaminants, which means when you bring equipment into a cleanroom, that equipment has to be capable of being held to very high cleanliness standards. If you need a crane to move items around in your cleanroom, there are a few different types of cranes that you could potentially use in that space.
A double-girder overhead crane can be used for various applications, depending on the industry the crane is being used in. It can be used to mount and handle the assembly of other equipment inside of your cleanroom. Or it can be used to handle products that are sensitive and require delicate handling. Or it can be used to handle machines that require precise operation parameters.
A double girder overhead crane has synchronous hoist axes, synchronous cross-travel axes, and synchronous long-travel axes. The exact number of axes will vary based on the configuration you need. The lifting capacity can vary as well, although most double-girder overhead cranes can handle multiple moving tons of matter simultaneously.
With a double-girder overhead crane, you can customize the crane's layout to fit your specific cleanroom size and needs.
Single-Girder Overhead Crane
Instead of having two cranes like a double-girder overhead crane, it just has one single crane. It will also have fewer overall parts, as there is only a need to install axes for one crane instead of two. This type of crane works well if you have items that you need to consistently move from point A to point B in your cleanroom.
Jib Crane
Another type of crane that can be used is a jib crane. A jib crane looks a little more like a mini crane scale that you might see operating at a construction site. It has one tall post that supports the arm that the crane is located on. The crane can move back and forth on the arm. The arm can typically be spun around, allowing the crane to pick an item up and move it to another location before dropping the items.
The capacity of a jib crane is not as much as a double-girder overhead crane. It is designed to move smaller items.
Small Overhead Crane
A small overhead crane is not designed to move a lot of weight. It runs along a simple monorail track that can be configured to work with your cleanroom spaces. This type of crane is usually used for maintenance activities.
When it comes to moving items in your cleanroom, having a crane can be helpful. You will want to order a crane that is specifically designed for a cleanroom to ensure the crane will operate as intended and keep the environment clean.