Clean crane has the following characteristics

In order to prevent the occurrence of dust, the clean cranes produced by our company mainly have the following characteristics:
1. Use clean electric hoist. According to the operating conditions of the clean room, the clean electric hoist of the corresponding work level is customized and developed, the protection level can reach IP65, and the dust-proof treatment is adopted.
2. Several key parts are all treated with stainless steel. For example: the lifting chain is replaced with a stainless steel chain, the running wheel of the trolley is replaced with stainless steel wheel, the running wheel of the cart is replaced with stainless steel wheels, and the key connection points are made of stainless steel high-strength connecting bolts.
3. The running motor adopts a three-in-one full-hardened gear reducer with integral explosion-proof treatment.
4. All lubricants are semi-liquid lubricants to enhance the sealing degree of the equipment.
5. The wheels are changed to nylon wheels, which have stronger hardness and toughness, and slag drop should not occur.
6. Increase the dust falling off the tray.
7. The electrical appliances are fully sealed and explosion-proof, and the overall protection level reaches IP65.
8. The lifting chain can adopt a protective telescopic device to prevent tiny flakes from flying off according to customer needs.