Clean driving in chemical dust-free laboratory

Chemical dust-free laboratory clean crane usually refers to the crane used in the laboratory, because the chemical dust-free laboratory clean crane is used in a dust-free environment, it is also called a clean room crane. It is a crane with a dust-free electric hoist as the lifting mechanism. Material handling operations can be carried out in the laboratory. It has the unparalleled superiority of other lifting equipment. It has the characteristics of compact appearance, low headroom, light weight, and small wheel pressure.
Classification of clean driving in chemical dust-free laboratory:
Chemical dust-free laboratory clean cranes can be divided into laboratory single-beam cranes and chemical laboratory double-beam cranes, laboratory [] type cranes, laboratory cantilever cranes and so on.
The above is a brief introduction to the clean driving of the chemical dust-free laboratory. The clean driving of the chemical dust-free laboratory greatly improves the work efficiency and has been widely used in the market. The chemical dust-free laboratory produced by Kunfeng Heavy Industry is clean The driving quality is excellent, the price is reasonable, and the service is good. Welcome friends from all walks of life to inquire!