Clean industrial crane

Clean industrial crane has high standards, comparing with the cranes for general use. The clean industrial crane is used in the applications with high demand such as electronics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical, laboratory and other areas with high demands on the environment. These special clean room environment is refereed as clean room used and the lifting crane used is called clean crane.
Contrast to the common cranes, the clean industrial crane or the clean room dedicated crane is required to be wear-resistant, broad clean, low failure rate, speed range, precise positioning and other characteristics. The clean industrial crane is not only required to be dust-proof, not produce dust, not dust adsorption but also required to be have the appearance of beautiful, long maintenance cycle and other features.
Taking the environment elements into consideration, the clean industrial crane is usually designed with double girder and chain electric hoist is used as the lifting equipment. In selecting the above components, the general wear-resistant materials should be used and also need to consider some parts should not accumulate dust. What’s more, the appropriate access platform for cleaning regularly should also be considered.