Clean room and dust-proof gantry crane

In real life, the requirements for cleanliness of working environments such as food and medicine are getting higher, and the space is small. For this, in order to improve the utilization rate of space and reduce the cost of the buyer. Most of the traditional clean room cranes are bridge-type double-girder cranes, which are heavy, expensive, and have a large blind area of ​​hoisting points.

In view of the above technical problems, a clean room and dust-proof gantry crane is provided, which aims to improve the cleanliness of the equipment, reduce the weight of the equipment, reduce the cost of the equipment, and increase the effective working range of hoisting.
The specific technical solutions are as follows:
The clean room and dust-proof gantry crane is composed of main beam, outrigger device, cart operating mechanism, wheels, cart track, hoist trolley, hoist hoist, hoisting chain, pulley, plastic dust jacket. The two ends are provided with outrigger devices, and the lower end of the outrigger is provided with a cart running mechanism, which contacts the cart track through the wheels. , The inside of the hoist trolley is equipped with a hoist, the hoist chain and pulley of the hoist are wrapped with plastic dust jackets, the material of the main beam, outrigger device, trolley operating mechanism, trolley track, and hoist trolley It is stainless steel, and the polymer material of the wheel is epoxy resin or polyimide. The clean room gantry crane will not produce chips and metal rust during the work, and meet the requirements of clean production.