Clean room crane purification project introduction

Clean room crane purification project introduction:

1. Laboratory purification projects mainly include: biosafety laboratory, P2 laboratory, P3 laboratory, HIV laboratory, PCR laboratory, animal laboratory, sterile laboratory, cell culture room, etc.
2. Laboratories mainly used for research in microbiology, biomedicine, biochemistry, animal experiments, genetic recombination and biological products are collectively referred to as clean laboratories-biosafety laboratories.
3. The biosafety laboratory consists of the main laboratory and other laboratories and auxiliary function rooms.
4. The biosafety laboratory must ensure personal safety, environmental safety, waste safety and sample safety, can operate safely for a long time, and at the same time provide a comfortable and good working environment for laboratory staff.
5. The laboratory construction plan includes: building layout and decoration, air conditioning, water supply and drainage, gas supply, electrical design, centralized control, security, construction technology, testing, training and other aspects.