Clean room electric chain hoist

Clean room electric chain hoist is a kind of dust-proof and oil-proof electric chain hoist in special working conditions that is used in a dust-free environment. It is more common to use clean hoists in clean areas, and it is also more common on clean room cranes.
Clean room electric chain hoist operating conditions: dust-free workshops, biological manufacturing workshops, medical equipment industry, food processing, lithium material processing, high-purity chemical processing, microelectronics and other operating conditions.
Product features of clean room electric chain hoist:
1. It is clean and wear-resistant, does not produce dust, does not absorb dust, and is equipped with an anti-static design;
2. Low failure rate and high operational reliability;
3. Wide debugging range, precise positioning and rapid improvement;
4. The ultra-low-hanging style can effectively increase the headroom height;
5. Surrounded by stainless steel shell and organ cover design, the whole is beautiful and clean.