Clean room electric hoist bridge crane

Under normal circumstances, the clean room electric hoist bridge crane has a lifting weight of 16t, a span of 22.5m, a working level of A4, a lifting speed of 0.4-2.4m/min, a running speed of 8-32m/min, and a trolley. The running speed is 5-20m/min, and it adopts the form of full frequency conversion control.
Structure and composition
1. Lifting mechanism
The hoisting mechanism selects NDR series clean room special electric hoist, which is composed of hoisting hook, hoisting rope, running wheel, running three-in-one mechanism and trolley power supply system, as shown in Figure 1.
1) Lifting hook
The hook is made of stainless steel, which meets the DIN15401 standard, which minimizes the particles generated by friction between the hook, the strap and the rope.
2) Lifting rope
The rope woven with high-strength imported fibers has high strength, light weight, low elongation, good abrasion resistance, fatigue resistance, and good flexibility. The surface is coated with imported conductive resin, which can lead out the static electricity generated on the surface without adsorbing dust , Hair and other dirt. The high-strength fiber rope will not rub and generate dust when hoisting and towing objects.
3) Running wheels
The wheels are made of stainless steel and undergo a rigorous heat treatment process to minimize particles generated by friction between the wheels and the track.
4) Run a three-in-one organization
It adopts a sealed structure and a fully enclosed design of electric disk brake, which effectively prevents the dust generated by the brake disk from leaking.
5) Trolley power supply system
The power supply cable of the trolley is placed in the towline dedicated to the clean room, which has the characteristics of safety, low noise, wear resistance, no generation or adsorption of dust.
2. Trolley end beam
For the end beam of the cart, the wheel set is made of stainless steel, and the bearing and relative moving parts of the wheel set are designed with a fully enclosed and maintenance-free structure. The running three-in-one geared motor adopts a fully enclosed fanless cooling structure to ensure that it does not absorb dust and hair during use.