Clean room electric hoist crane

The clean room electric hoist crane is a kind of crane equipment that is clean and dust-proof. The clean electric hoist crane is a kind of crane that is suitable for use in dust-free environments, such as biological engineering, medical equipment, food, microelectronics, photovoltaics, injection molding, Lithium batteries, semiconductors and other industries, the use of clean and clean cranes has played a protective role in some production workshops with high requirements. Some dust-free industries have higher requirements for cleanliness in workshop production. requirements. The lifting equipment in the clean area includes clean cranes, clean cantilever cranes, clean turning machines, clean KBK cranes, clean intelligent cranes, clean mobile gantry cranes and other types of lifting equipment!
The design specification of the clean workshop clearly stipulates the four levels of air cleanliness: 100, 1000, 100000 (cleanliness refers to the degree of dust particles in the air in the clean environment), and the level of clean cranes is also the same. Correspondingly, a corresponding table has been made to show the classification standard: this is converted according to the clean room grade standard in the US Federal Standard 209E, and each grade has a diameter greater than or equal to 0 per cubic meter of air. The purification workshop crane is a basic supporting industry with a very wide range of applications. Clean driving is used in many industries such as electronic information, semiconductor, optoelectronics, precision manufacturing, medicine and health, bioengineering, aerospace, automobile spraying, etc., and according to the industry. Precision and dust-free requirements, the level difference is also large. There are strict regulations on the number of 5um dust particles.
The main beam of the clean single-beam crane adopts a U-shaped groove formed by rolling steel plates, and then welded with I-beam to form a box-shaped web beam. , Connect the beams with high-strength bolts.
The motor and control system of the clean room electric hoist traveling crane select higher hoisting and running speeds and smaller acceleration and deceleration values, which are convenient for the operator to operate in cooperation with the crane electrical control system, so that the use of the equipment can reach the highest efficiency. . At the same time, our customers can save investment and usage costs in equipment, energy, space and plant construction.