Clean room hoist application in semiconductor industry

The clean room must reach a certain level of cleanliness. For example, in the semiconductor industry, the only small amount of suspended particles in the air will also affect the production of semiconductor products and cause problems. Therefore, the production of semiconductors needs It is carried out in a clean room, and when carrying heavy objects in a clean room, a special hoist that can meet the requirements of the clean room is used (to avoid dust and dirt during transportation).
The clean hoist is a specially treated crane hoist that is used in a dust-free environment to prevent dust and grease. The clean hoist is more common in the clean area and is carried on the crane.
Product characteristics of clean gourd:
1. Clean and wear-resistant, no dust, no dust absorption, anti-static design
2. Low failure rate, high operational reliability
3. Wide debugging range, accurate positioning
4. Make the most of space
5. Smooth operation and beautiful appearance
Clean gourd applicable occasions: use in a dust-free environment, such as bioengineering, medical equipment, food, high-purity chemical industry, microelectronics and other industries.