Clean room wire rope hoist

Clean room wire rope electric hoist is a dust-free electric hoist used in the dust-proof and grease-proof clean area. The clean room wire rope hoist is placed on the clean crane. Before the operation of the clean electric hoist, the operator must pay attention to the safety of the operating environment and the safety of the operator. Check whether the emergency stop button is reset; press the start button, the total contactor is self-locking after power-on, press the lift button to achieve the rise and fall, and use the fire-extinguishing limit switch to achieve the lifting limit; the clean electric hoist is widely used. According to the trolley running button, the movement is realized before and after; according to the crane running button, the left and right movement is realized. After the running is hitting the crane running limit switch, the crane can only be operated in the opposite direction. In case of emergency, you can press the emergency stop button and the crane will be powered off to ensure the normal operation of the clean crane.