Cleanroom Bridge Crane 10 Tons Overhead Crane with High Quali

Bridge Crane 10 Tons Overhead Crane with High Quality Used for Clean Room

The clean room crane is a material lifting system used in the clean room purification workshop. Kunfeng Heavy Industry has many years of experience in the production and development of clean room cranes. The clean room crane is specially used for industrial clean rooms and biological clean rooms with strict cleaning requirements. . A clean room is also a special clean room, which usually requires a high degree of cleanliness and does not allow a large amount of dust. The interior is generally dominated by white tones.
Clean Room Crane Features
The clean lifting system integrates various technologies such as process, construction, decoration, equipment automation, etc., mainly to meet the harsh requirements of the production environment and quality in the fields of electronics, pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, medical care, and laboratories. Compared with cranes used in other industries, the clean hoisting system has the main characteristics of cleanliness, wear resistance, low failure rate, wide speed adjustment range, and accurate positioning. Therefore, a clean lifting system is a necessary condition for mass production in industries with high environmental requirements such as liquid crystal panels, photovoltaics, microelectronics, semiconductors, and medicine.
Kunfeng Heavy Industry is a professional manufacturer of dust-free clean cranes. The company can provide customers with clean crane hoisting system solutions, and can also make reasonable planning according to the customer's purification workshop site. Class clean overhead crane, 10,000-class clean room crane.