Components and application of wire rope electric hoist

The wire rope electric hoist can be roughly divided into:
1. Reducer 2. Reel device 3. Lifting motor 4. Electric trolley 5. Cone brake 6. Adjustment nut 7. Rope guide 8. Coupling 9. Hook device 10. Control button 11. Hollow shaft 12.Box 13.Seal ring 14.09 Gear 15.06 Gear shaft 16.05 Gear shaft 17.04 Gear shaft 18. Ball bearing 19. Needle bearing 20. Box cover 21. Breathable plug
The functions and functions of each part are as follows:
Reducer: It is a three-stage fixed-shaft helical gear transmission mechanism. The gears and gear shafts are made of heat-treated alloy steel. The box and the box cover are made of high-quality cast iron, which is tightly assembled and well sealed.
Control box: It is a device that can cut off the main circuit in an emergency and is equipped with a fire limiter for the upper and lower stroke protection section.
Wire rope: It is a type of lifting wire rope, which guarantees durability. Cone motor: The lifting motor uses a large dynamic torque cone rotor to brake the asynchronous motor without the need for an additional brake.
Push-button switch: It is hand-operated, lightweight and convenient. It is divided into two methods: corded operation and cordless remote control.
Application range
Wire rope electric hoist can be installed on I-beam alone, lifting heavy objects in a straight or curved way. Fixed electric hoist can be installed on a fixed support for lifting vertical or different angles of heavy objects. It can also be installed on electric or manual Used on single beam, double beam, cantilever, gantry cranes.
Wire rope electric hoist is suitable for working in the environment of temperature -25 degrees ~ + 40 degrees, temperature ≤85% without fire, explosion danger and corrosive medium, so this product is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, railways, docks, warehouses, machinery workshops , Stockyards and other places, is a small electric lifting equipment to improve labor conditions in current production operations.