Composition and safety protection of bridge crane

Composition of bridge crane

Bridge crane is a kind of equipment that uses hook (also grab or electromagnetic disk) to lift heavy objects. Its appearance is in bridge shape. Both ends of the bridge are on the track through roller frames. The roller travels along the track to drive the movement of the bridge. Structurally, the bridge crane is mainly composed of three parts, namely metal structure, mechanical transmission and electrical equipment.
(1) The metal structure is mainly composed of bridge, governance and cab. It mainly bears heavy load, places mechanical and electrical equipment, and forms the whole bridge crane.
(2) The mechanical transmission part mainly includes the crane part and the trolley part. The crane part includes the crane operating mechanism, etc., and the trolley part includes the trolley frame operating mechanism, lifting mechanism, etc.
(3) Electrical equipment mainly includes protection panel (distribution panel) Controller, collector (power supply sliding line) Motor lighting, various limiters, interlocking switches, grounding and other safety protection devices.
Safety protection of bridge crane
The bridge running mechanism and trolley frame elevator of the bridge crane are inconvenient for regular inspection, which shall be in accordance with relevant regulations It must be managed according to the type of special equipment. First, according to the relevant regulations and in combination with the actual situation of the factory, the bridge cranes of all units in the factory are required to be equipped with overload limiter, lifting limit position limiter, rail sweeping plate and support frame, conductive sliding wire protection plate, grounding, rail end stop and other safety protection devices. At the same time, the technical requirements of the protection devices are formulated uniformly.
For example:
(1) When the lifting load reaches 90% of the rated load, the system sends an alarm signal: when the lifting load reaches the rated load, the system can automatically cut off the power supply and send an alarm signal.
(2) When the lifting appliance rises to the limit position, it shall be able to automatically cut off the lifting power supply.
(3) A protective plate shall be set under the end beam at the sliding line end of the crane to prevent accidental contact between the spreader or steel wire rope and the sliding line: a protective plate shall be set between the ladder and walking platform and the sliding line.
(4) A stop is set at the end of the track to prevent the derailment of the bridge.