Corresponding measures should be taken in daily production to prevent the polyurethane coated wheels from rusting

The hazard of rusting of polyurethane encapsulation should not be underestimated.
Long-term corrosion and rust of the roller can cause uneven surface of the roller and uneven pressure, resulting in ink color imbalance and service life. Therefore, corresponding measures should be taken in daily production to prevent problems. Yu Weiran.
       1. Control acidity
The pH value of  fountain solution is generally between 5.0 and 6.0. If the acidity is too strong, it will cause corrosion of the printing plate, emulsification of the ink, etc., and after it penetrates the surface of the polyurethane encapsulation, the possibility of corrosion and rust of the polyurethane encapsulation will greatly increase.
  2, standard operation, proper maintenance When installing polyurethane rubber-coated gaskets, blankets, and printing plates, wipe the surface of the roller clean; once the gaskets are damaged or wrinkled, they must be replaced in time to prevent the wetting fluid from penetrating and adhering to it; Clean in time, and wipe the surface of the roller and its both ends; if the machine is not used for a long time, wipe the surface of the rubber roller or spray anti-rust oil with engine oil; when you find traces of rust on the surface of the roller, you should promptly Do anti-rust treatment; in production, reduce and avoid the corrosion and rust conditions of the roller, and the roller rust can also be effectively controlled.
  3. Improve the machine appropriately
When conditions permit, an anti-rust device with elastic pads can be added at both ends of the drum, and oil is added to the linoleum of the device, which can automatically play a role of lubricating and anti-rust when working and rotating.
According to the above operation, use polyurethane encapsulation reasonably, pay more attention to production and maintenance, the anti-corrosion and rust work of polyurethane encapsulation will be done well, and the machine can be used for a long time.