Crane DRS wheel set

The horizontal deflection value of the crane DRS wheel set wheel is an important technical parameter of the crane. Excessive deflection value will cause rail gnawing, increase running resistance, generate vibration and noise, aggravate track and wheel wear, and greatly reduce the service life of the crane, so All types of crane manufacturing technical conditions must stipulate allowable values for the horizontal deflection of wheels.
In the application, controlling the horizontal deflection value of the wheels of the operating mechanism is mainly based on the corresponding technical measures taken according to different product structures. The more commonly used design structure with relatively simple process measures is: assembling the wheels to the bracket to form a wheel set, such as angular bearing box wheel set and trolley type 45° split bearing box wheel set, installed on the main structure of the crane Adjust the horizontal deflection of the wheel and fix it.
The wheel set is mainly suitable for QD5~100T electric double girder bridge and gantry cranes. The wheel set covers Ф250—Ф900 and other specifications. The wheel sets produced by our factory all use high-quality bearings from major manufacturers and are processed and assembled in strict accordance with industry standards to ensure Each product is a qualified product.