Customizable polyurethane rubber coated wheels manufactured China

Polyurethane rubber-coated wheels are mainly composed of a wheel core and a polyurethane rubber layer. The wheel core is generally made of aluminum alloy, carbon steel, and stainless steel. The polyurethane rubber layer is a new type of polymer composite material between rubber and plastic. It has both the high elasticity of rubber and the high hardness of plastic. It is characterized by elasticity under high hardness, wide range of hardness and high elongation. And it has excellent hydrolysis resistance, oil resistance, low temperature resistance, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, tear resistance, good mechanical properties and outstanding abrasion resistance. It is called the "wear-resistant king", and it has high compressibility. Large carrying capacity and excellent cushioning and shock absorption.
The car processing of polyurethane coated wheels needs to be very skillful, mainly in three aspects:
1. The turning tool is very important. It is recommended to sharpen it with a white steel knife. Because polyurethane is a rubber and plastic product, the tool wear is relatively small;
2. The speed of the lathe must be fast, especially if the hardness is below 90A, basically, the lathe must be adjusted to a high speed;
3. The knife must be fast, especially soft rubber below 90A.
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